Predictive blood sampling

What you need to know

True functional biology analysis, predictive blood sampling provides the clinician with a dynamic and global picture of the patient's state of health. It is the direct link between serum profile, complementary diagnosis, prognosis and therapy. Predictive blood sampling thus makes it possible to propose appropriate and personalized therapeutic orientations.
The serum proteome (all proteins) is a reflection of the regulatory system between the different cells and organs. Specific for everyone, its understanding is a light on the most significant accidents in our lives. The serum proteome is the meeting point of genetic and environmental influences on the human organism (parasites, bacteria, viruses) as well as food and of course therapeutic influences.
Proteins act as the body's biological memories. These are our black boxes. Human proteins are dynamic motors that can reveal dysfunctions. Predictive blood sampling allows this proteomic memory to be decoded, traces of past health aggression to be recognized and risk factors to be detected.
**What is predictive blood sampling? **
While it is true that proteins "do the job", it can be said just as trivially that predictive blood sampling makes it possible to see "what is happening under the table" in the world of the invisible, the insensitive and the silent. It is a revealer allowing to transform a latent image into a visible image.
Predictive blood sampling allows us to observe life in the infra-microscopic world of the invisible and the silent.
It is a clinical proteomic method, the first ever described.
The predictive blood test is exclusively serum. Solid tissues are not part of the study. Only blood serum is involved.
Unlike conventional blood tests, predictive blood sampling does not tend to know if the patient's blood contains an abnormal amount of certain simple and well-defined substances or cells; on the contrary, it displays the reactions of all serum proteins to about 50 tests chosen to cover the spectrum from acid glycoproteins to immunoglobulins and including so-called "broad" tests. (During each test, the laboratory adds another chemical substance to the blood serum).
The balance between serum proteins ("the key to our black box") is the starting point for this battery of tests. By adding all these different reagents, the electrocolloidal balance of the serum is subjected to another test each time. Thus, the measurement of each test will make visible another group of the approximately 500,000 serum proteins. The collected results are then compared with statistical standards calculated on a large set of analyses already recorded. The partner laboratory's database already contains several hundred thousand records. This means that the statistical basis used to calculate the degree of positive or negative deviation of a test is extremely broad.
This examination provides important services to people with diseases that are mislabelled or do not have effective treatment, but also serious, chronic or disabling diseases: cancer, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, leukaemia, cardiorespiratory pathology, etc.
**Is it possible to detect and treat not only functional disorders but also serious diseases such as cancer? **
Of course. In all diseases that disrupt the body's functions and have therefore affected organs, the profile is disrupted. It is important to understand that it is not a diagnostic tool in the traditional sense of the term, such as breast cancer, jaundice or myocardial infarction, but that the profile highlights the disturbances of serum proteins that accompany these pathologies. The important thing is that these proven disruptions appear earlier than with conventional medical tests and can thus lead directly to therapeutic possibilities.
This assessment also provides an excellent screening of disease-prone areas. It also makes it possible to detect diseases when they are slowly and invisibly developing.
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Note that a special kit must be provided by post by MEDICAIM before taking the blood sample.

Predictive blood sampling
Predictive blood sampling

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Before the treatment

Performing a predictive blood test is very simple since it only requires a simple fasting blood test.
The predictive check-up is carried out on medical prescription. Any sample must therefore be accompanied by a prescription prescribed by a doctor.
MEDICAIM will provide this prescription through its network of doctors.
The laboratory needs 2 ml of serum to perform the analyses.
Note that a special kit must be provided by mail by MEDICAIM before taking the blood sample.
A detailed explanation will be provided in the kit for the laboratory and the patient.
The sample is taken on dry tubes, without antigoagulants, from 7.5 to 9 ml.
Storage: in the refrigerator but do not freeze. Shipping by post or carrier does not require a controlled temperature.
No need to travel, MEDICAIM will send you a complete kit to perform your predictive check-up. Have your sample taken by a nurse using your prescription (sent by MEDICAIM). Send the MEDICAIM sample immediately.

What does it involve?

Once you have selected your laboratory, received your kit and the blood test is performed, the following steps should be followed:
Packaging for shipment:
• Place the tube in the white container containing an absorbent inner wall and screw in the cap.
• Place the whole set in the plastic bag with a self-adhesive tab.
• Detach the tab to seal the bag.
• In the side pocket, place the prescription.
• Put everything in the pre-addressed bubble envelope with the UN3373 logo required for the shipment of biological material.
In all cases, make sure you use the materials we give you for shipping in order to comply with UN3373 regulations on the transport of samples for analysis.
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Predictive blood sampling
Predictive blood sampling

After the treatment

It will take 10 to 15 days to receive the results by email, a conventional biology laboratory will not be able to decipher the blood test of the predictive blood test. Medicaim will provide a complete analysis of the predictive assessment as well as indications for possible treatment (organotherapy, homeopathy).
The predictive assessment will be translated according to the patient's language, of course.
The doctor will first observe the general shape of the curve (the assessment is provided in the form of a very detailed curve)
Then, he/she will examine the colour of the excess or defective proteins.
In red are the lipoproteins that are modified in case of psychological or nervous problems.
In green are the glucoproteins, showing an inflammatory state.
In blue are the immunoglobulins, witnesses of immune processes.
In purple is the combination of the other proteins.
Thus, a hyper-green state indicates a strong inflammatory state, indicating the existence of a present or future disease; a hypo-red state shows a nervous fragility; a hyper-blue state will indicate an infectious or autoimmune problem; an association of hyper-greens and hypo-red is frequently found in cases of cancer…
Then, the doctor will examine which proteins are the most hyper and most hypo, which may sometimes indicate a particular pathology. Finally, he/she will consider the indicated conclusions regarding excess or deficient organs and proposed remedies.

About Predictive blood sampling

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