A network of doctors unique in the world

Medicaim democratizes access to the best of the health system in each country through an international network of selected specialist physicians

Access the best possible support for your health

With an international network built according to objective criteria, Medicaim brings together more than 150 specialist doctors worldwide. Each of them was independently recommended by their peers. In addition to this recommendation, three criteria are taken into consideration to establish a partnership: recognized practice, a high level academic background and practice in an internationally renowned institution. Medicaim thus allows each patient to access a level of health support usually reserved for the relatives of doctors.

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countries covered on all 5 continents

Specialist doctors recommended by our referring doctors

Our referring doctors recommend trusted colleagues within their specialties, in their countries or elsewhere in the world. Medicaim thus provides a network of trusted international physicians.

In full transparency!

Referring doctors are selected and interviewed by a trusted third party according to precise specifications. Medicaim therefore avoids any risk of bias by having an objective selection of partner physicians.

Approved by our medical board

All information and recommendations from doctors are first verified by a Medicaim doctor. This verification ensures an equivalent quality of service by each of the partner doctors.

Constantly updated

The number of our partner doctors is constantly increasing in order to provide access to as many medical specialities and procedures as possible. As medicine progresses every day, Medicaim is always looking for innovative procedures for its patients.

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