Medicaim at the service of your company

Medical follow-up anywhere and anytime at the best price for your employees

Solutions to meet daily medical needs and major pathologies

Medicaim offers concrete solutions to enable your employees to take care of themselves and thus increase their quality of life and create a preference for your company.

Renowned practitioners to increase ones well-being around the world


  • Appointment with the best specialists within 1 week
  • Complete health check-up in 1 week every year
  • Complete blood analysis

Health coaching

  • Tele-consultation with a doctor specialized in nutrition
  • Consultation analysing medical habits and risks abroad
Quick care by expert doctors for serious pathologies

In case of doubt about a diagnosis or treatment:

  • Second medical opinion by a specialist expert in the pathology within 1 week

In the event of a confirmed diagnosis:

  • Care in less than a week by a recognized specialist
  • Medical concierge organizing and coordinating health services and the trip from A to Z
Teleconsultation to meet everyday needs
  • Remote prescription
  • Remote monitoring of mild chronic pathologies
  • Remote psychological follow-up
  • Answering medical questions in everyday life abroad

With all Medicaim guarantees:

telephoneA dedicated Careteam advisor available 24/7 to answer any questions.

telephoneMedical data with the most demanding standards and never transmitted to the employer

telephoneNo costs for employees to advance so that they can focus on their health

telephoneAn international network of expert doctors available in 1 click

telephoneTranslation of medical records by a health professional

telephoneMedical repatriation

telephoneOrganisation of your trip (hotels, taxis)

telephoneVisa assistance

telephoneSecond medical opinion


Offers to meet your employees' needs and your objectives

Medicaim allows you to strengthen your employer brand with concrete medical services that support well-being and performance at work.

Offer #1Essential
  • 4 hours / month of teleconsultation with a general practitioner
  • Careteam staff at your service 24/7 to organize a medical stay
Offer #2Comfort
  • 6 hours / month of teleconsultation with a general practitioner or a specialist
  • Equipe Careteam à disposition 24/7 pour organiser un séjour médical
  • 1 specialized consultation departure and travel abroad / year
Offer #3Prevention
  • 6 hours / month of teleconsultation with a general practitioner or specialist
  • Careteam team at your disposal 24/7 to organize a medical stay
  • 1 specialized consultation for departure and travel abroad / year
  • 1 complete health check-up / year
  • 1 second medical opinion / year
Customized offer

These packages are not adapted to your structure? Don't panic,

consult us.

The specific needs of your employees

Some employees have medical expectations and needs that are not covered by regular health benefits.

Medicaim strengthens the commitment of your employees:

  • Protection of key people
  • Reduction of physical absences
  • Promotes the balance between professional and personal life
  • Strengthens the employer's brand
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