Health check-up

What you need to know

The health check-up is a preventive and periodic medical examination, the content of which is adapted to each person according to their age, sex, risk factors related to their social and professional environment, and their lifestyle on the basis of a common standard based on medical recommendations and current scientific knowledge.
The objective of the health check is to detect any pathologies contracted by the patient or to detect ignored or latent conditions in order to offer better early care for the patient.
A health check-up should be carried out every 3 to 5 years for men and women aged 40 to 75.
The risk exists at any age but it is more important in:
Families at cardiovascular or cancerous risk and others
In people with a condition that requires regular monitoring and In tired people whose health is deteriorating

  • In people who have and add up risk factors for disease: smoking, alcohol, excess sugar, excess cholesterol, poor diet, overweight, obesity, stress, sedentary life….
    A health check-up can include many different tests including blood tests, diagnostic imaging tests, and cardiac examinations among others.
    A health check-up is recommended for everyone, especially for people at risk of developing certain health problems. A health check-up is used to feel reassured even if you feel well, to be advised by a doctor by identifying possible risks and finally to be followed up.
    A check-up allows patients to have peace of mind with their health.
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Duration of hospital stay
3 to 5 days.
The patient will have to wait for the results of the tests.
Average length of stay
5 to 8 days.
The health check can be combined with a tourist visit.

Health check-up
Health check-up

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Before the treatment

Confidential medical questionnaires will be completed and brought on the day of the assessment.
On the day of your check-up you should be completely fasted.

What does it involve?

The assessment lasts between** 3 and 4 hours** and generally includes a series of analyses and tests that can be adjusted according to the person's age, sex, background and lifestyle:
• A consultation with a general practitioner
• A blood sample: blood count, sedimentation rate, blood glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, transaminases, gamma GT
• A urine analysis: check for the presence of blood, sugars, albumin…
• An oral-dental examination
• Visual and auditory tests
• A biometric assessment: height, weight, BMI (body mass index) measurement
• An electrocardiogram
• A blood count
• A chest X-ray to visualize the state of the heart and lungs
• Blood pressure control
• Respiratory capacity control or spirometry: element of assessment of the respiratory state of individuals, screening for tobacco-related problems
• A gynaecological examination: cervical smear and breast cancer screening
• A Hémoccult test: blood test In stool for colorectal cancer screening
• A memory test mainly for the elderly
• A consultation with a nutritionist
Depending on your health status, doctors may recommend additional tests.
Some hospitals and clinics offer different types of health check-ups such as
• General Medical Assessment
• Cardiovascular check-up
• Gynecological check-up
• Smoker and ex-Smoker assessment
• Blood group check-up
Do not hesitate to contact a MEDICAIM advisor: he/she will assist you in obtaining a quote and a personalized estimate.
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Health check-up
Health check-up

After the treatment

A detailed report and a copy of all tests performed are sent to the patient. The doctor who supervised the health check-up remains at the patient's disposal for any additional information and explanations.

About Health check-up

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