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4 questions to understand the second medical opinion

What about the second online medical opinion?

Can we provide quality medical advice online?

Of course, many opinions are already given by doctors on file (for example in multidisciplinary consultation meetings in hospitals). In addition, the second opinion comes after several consultations with physical examinations which will constitute the patient's medical file. The challenge is therefore to send a complete file, which we ensure by means of very precise questionnaires, drawn up by expert doctors. The questionnaires were designed to get to know the patient (and not just his illness) better and to collect his opinions and aspirations in order to take them into account for a possible alternative treatment plan.

Who can request a second opinion online?

The patient can, of course, request a second opinion. It will be important to involve your attending physician in the process.
A third party may also make the request on its behalf in the following cases:
- A legal person in charge (minor or adult child under guardianship),
- A general practitioner or attending specialist, with the patient's consent.
In order to request a second medical opinion, you must provide a medical file including the current diagnosis and treatments planned but also a complete medical history. Please also remember to send us your X-rays, MRIs and/or test results that you consider useful for the establishment of a second opinion.

Who are the Medicaim expert doctors?

Our Medicaim partner doctors are internationally renowned professionals recognized for their expertise. They are distinguished by:
a recognized practice
- A high level academic background (university, books, medical congresses, etc...)
Exercising in internationally renowned institutions
Our Medicaim Council is under the permanent control of a doctor. The security of your data is our priority, no information will be disclosed.

What diseases are covered?
by the second Medicaim opinion?

Many diseases in the following specialties are open to second medical opinion:

This list is not exhaustive, it is constantly enriched with your requests: consult us if you do not find the pathology that interests you.

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