Where to start?

A quick tour of the Medicaim website to help you


The patient connects to www.medicaim.com and accesses a detailed explanation of their pathology and/or treatment.


The patient can learn alone about the different partner clinics and/or hospitals to analyze and budget his care.

Request a quote

Via the "Request a quote" page, the patient sends his medical file to the MEDICAIM coordinating doctor.

Review of your file

The coordinating doctor examines the medical file and submits it to his/her privileged network of expert colleagues. He/she transmits to the Internet patient a selection of the best estimates.

The patient selects the specialist, clinic and/or hospital.

This quote is accompanied by a description of the clinic where the specialist operates, the total amount of hospitalization, and information on the surgeon and his/her surgical technique. So far, everything is free.

In addition: careteam assistance

Once the doctor has been chosen, the procedure is booked by Medicaim. With careteam assistance The patient then benefits from a personal assistant who arranges the appointment with the doctor, books flights, hotel and transfer from the airport.