Centro Facial Lifting

What you need to know

Many facelift techniques are all aimed at correcting the discomforts caused by the aging of the face and neck.
The two most frequent types of face lift in the activity of a plastic surgeon are the classic cervico-facial lift and the centro-facial lift. These two techniques are not opposed but meet different aesthetic objectives. In some cases, they can be combined.
The cervico-facial lifting acts on the neck, cheeks and ends its action on the temples.
The centrofacial lifting acts on the lower eyelids, the hollow of the rings and the cheekbone.


Duration of hospital stay
24 to 48 hours.
This procedure can be performed either with a 24-hour hospital stay or on an outpatient basis.
Average length of stay
1 week.
You shouldn't overestimate the risks, but even a simple surgical procedure always involves a small amount of risk.

The centrofacial lifting acts on the lower eyelids, the hollow of the rings and the cheekbone.
The centrofacial lifting acts on the lower eyelids, the hollow of the rings and the cheekbone.

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Before the treatment

This procedure can be combined with another facial aesthetic surgery procedure: facial lipostructure, neck lift and it can also be completed by medical and surgical treatments (dermabrasion, laser, peeling, botulinum toxin injection, hyaluronic acid type filling product injection).
This facelift is not intended to modify the facial features but to return the anatomical structures to a younger position.
Before the intervention:
A regular preoperative check-up is carried out in accordance with the prescriptions. An anaesthetist will be seen in consultation no later than 48 hours before the operation.
No medication containing aspirin should be taken within 10 days of the procedure.
Hair will be washed the day before the operation and make-up will be carefully removed on the day of the operation.
It is essential to remain fasting (do not eat or drink anything) 6 hours before the operation.
Types of anesthesia and hospitalization modalities:
Type of anesthesia:
The centrofacial facelift can be performed under general anesthesia or under deep local anesthesia with tranquilizers administered intravenously ("vigilant" anesthesia).
The preoperative consultation by the anaesthetist doctor will have made it possible to look for a possible contraindication.
Hospitalization conditions:
This procedure can be performed either with a 24-hour hospital stay or "outpatient", i.e. with a same-day discharge after a few hours of supervision.

What does it involve?

Two incisions are usually necessary to perform the surgical procedure. A first incision is made on the lower eyelid, just below the eyelashes and extends into the crow's feet to remain discreet. A second incision is hidden in the hairy part of the temple area. These two incisions made on each side allow the surgeon to detach the deep subperiosteal level (in contact with the bone).
Depending on the surgeon, the vertical suspension of the cheekbones will be carried out either by means of wires or by more sophisticated resorbable anchoring systems.
The excess lower eyelid is resected at the end of the procedure.
The procedure takes one to two hours.
An absorbent bandage is applied for the hours following the operation.
A slightly different strategy proposed by other surgeons makes it possible not to use a temporal incision. A single incision is made on the lower eyelid just below the eyelashes and extends into the beginning of the crow's feet to remain discreet.
The detachment of the cheekbone is carried out deeply in contact with the bone as indicated above.
strictement vertical ne se poursuit pas vers la partie latérale de la pommette ce qui permet de se passer de l’association à un lifting temporal.
The suspension of the cheekbones is carried out as indicated above.

Centro Facial Lifting
Centro Facial Lifting

After the treatment

The discharge takes place the same evening or the next day, usually without a bandage.
Moisturizing eye drops may be prescribed. An analgesic and anti-inflammatory treatment is also prescribed.
During the first few days, you should rest as much as possible and avoid any violent effort.
During these first days the patient should not be surprised or worried of:

• a hypercorrection
• diffuse facial edema (swelling) that can quickly worsen (it is more pronounced on the second day than on the first). In some cases, it may be asymmetrical.
• bruising in the eyelid area
• painless irritation of the eye (redness of the eye)
• a cardboard feeling of the periorbital bone frame
Bruises and swelling usually disappear within the first 2 to 3 weeks. Some areas regress more slowly.
Scars are usually hidden under the eyelashes and in the hair. The only scar that is slightly visible under the eyelashes and essentially in its outer part can be concealed by make-up from the tenth day onwards. It will gradually fade away.

About Centro Facial Lifting

After six to eight weeks, you can have a good idea of the final result. However, it only appears stable between the third and sixth months.
The sub ciliary scars are sometimes still pink for 3 months but are easily concealed by make-up.
The temporal scar, even red and indurated, is perfectly concealable in the hair. It sometimes does not start to diminish until the sixth month.
Thanks to the contribution of the centro-facial lifting, the rejuvenation effect is appreciable with an aesthetic result that remains natural and harmonious.
This physical improvement is usually accompanied by psychological well-being.
In the long term, ageing continues to work and the face continues to suffer the ravages of time.
A facial treatment with specific skin treatments (laser pulsed lamps…) and with injections of filling products and botulinum toxin helps to maintain the result for longer.
A new, often more moderate intervention, may sometimes be necessary.
The use of a qualified Plastic Surgeon ensures that he/she has the necessary training and competence to avoid complications or treat them effectively if necessary.
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MEDICAIM organizes your entire stay for you: post-operative nursing care, biological follow-up, therapeutic, nutritional and psychological support.
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