Buttock implants

What you need to know

The universal ideal is to have a full buttocks and a slim waist.
The buttock area is influenced by four anatomical components:

  • The spine: The more or less forward or backward position of the pelvis influences the projection of the buttocks.
    -Le muscle grand fessier se développe par une activité musculaire soutenue ; il peut être « camouflé » par une position en avant du bassin.
    The fat localization around the buttocks is more important in women than in men (gynoid or android morphology). It will define the ethnic morphology (Asian, Caucasian, Latin or African). This fat acts as a "padding" in the lying position on the back and as an energy reserve; its melting determines the ageing of the buttock.
  • The quality of the skin or its relaxation (gluteal ptosis) can lead to a buttock lifting.
    The aesthetics of the buttock vary according to the ethnic origins of the patients.
    Asians prefer small, well curved buttocks, do not like gluteal or trochanteric fullness.
    Caucasians like a firm, muscular butt.
    Latinos like buttocks fullness and little trochanteric fullness.
    Africans have a cultural ideal for the buttocks as strong as possible and the extreme prominence of the lower back with both gluteal and trochanteric fullness.
    The "flat buttock" is often not accepted physically and psychologically by the patient, with the consequence of a deterioration in self-confidence and a sometimes profound uneasiness that can lead to a real complex. This is why the intervention aims to increase the volume of a buttock considered too small thanks to the implantation of implants.
    The procedure can be performed at any age from 18 years of age.
    The buttock implants currently in use consist of an envelope and a filling product. They differ from breast implants in a thicker shell and a more cohesive filling gel.
    The shell is always made of a silicone elastomer. The implant is called "pre-filled" because the filling product has been incorporated in the factory. The range of the different volumes is therefore fixed by the manufacturer.

Duration of hospital stay
1 – 2 days.
The procedure is performed under conventional general anesthesia.
Average length of stay
1 week.
It takes about 1 week to travel."

Buttock implants
Buttock implants

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Before the treatment

This will determine the location of the scars, the type and size of the implants.
A regular preoperative check-up is carried out in accordance with the prescriptions.
The anaesthetist will be seen in consultation at the latest 48 hours before the operation.
No medication containing aspirin should be taken within 10 days of the procedure.
You will be asked to fast (do not eat or drink anything) 6 to 7 hours before the procedure.
Type of anaesthesia:
The procedure is performed under conventional general anesthesia during which you will sleep completely. In rare cases, however, a "vigilant" anaesthesia (deep local anaesthesia with tranquilizers administered intravenously) may be used (to be discussed with the surgeon and the anaesthetist).
Hospitalization conditions:
The procedure usually justifies a one-day hospitalization. Entry is then made the morning of the operation (or sometimes the day before in the afternoon) and discharge is authorized the next day.

What does it involve?

The vast majority of prostheses currently placed in the world are pre-filled with silicone gel.
These implants, used for more than 40 years, have proven their safety and excellent adaptation to this type of surgery because they are very close to the consistency of a normal buttock. They have also evolved well to correct the weaknesses that could be attributed to them.
Nowadays, all available implants are subject to precise and rigorous standards: CE marking (European Community) + authorization from the ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products).
The significant developments of the new implants, which give them greater reliability, concern both the shells and the gel itself:
The envelopes, whose walls are now much stronger, prevent the gel from "sweating" outwards (which was an important source of shells) and have a much higher wear resistance;
Cohesive silicone gels, whose consistency is less fluid, greatly limit the risk of "spreading" in the event of a ruptured envelope.
In addition to this improvement in reliability, the new generation of silicone implants is also characterised by the wide variety of shapes currently available, allowing for individual adaptation to each case. Thus, in addition to the classic round prostheses, "anatomical" implants with a more or less high, wide or projected drop-shaped profile have appeared.
This diversity of shapes combined with a wide choice of volumes makes it possible to optimize and adapt the almost "tailor-made" choice of prostheses according to the patient's morphology and personal expectations.
Each surgeon adopts a technique that is unique to him/her and that he/she adapts to each case to obtain the best results. However, we can retain some common basic principles:
Approach: intergluteal approach with an incision placed in the groove between the two buttocks.
Placement of the prostheses: via the incision, the implants can be inserted into the lodges made. The positioning is intramuscular in the very thickness of the gluteus maximus muscle.
Additional actions: in case of associated fat overload ("love handles" or "saddlebags") it is possible to perform liposuction. If the patient wishes to transfer his or her own fat from an unwanted location to another location, it is possible to perform a "lipostructure" or transfer of autologous fat tissue.
Drains and bandage: a drain can be put in place depending on the surgeon's habits. It is a device designed to evacuate blood that could accumulate around the prostheses.
At the end of the operation, a "modelling" bandage is applied with an elastic bandage or a compression garment is put in place before waking up.
Depending on the surgeon, the approach and the possible need for additional associated procedures, the procedure can last from one hour to two and a half hours.

Buttock implants
Buttock implants

After the treatment

The after-effects of surgery can sometimes be painful in the first few days, especially when the implants are large. An analgesic treatment, adapted to the intensity of the pain, will be prescribed for a few days.
Edema (swelling), bruising and walking discomfort are common in the early stages.
The patient is often asked to stand or lie on his or her stomach for the first two weeks after the procedure to reduce tension on the stitches.
Therefore, on the first day after the operation, it is advisable to "live upright" as long as possible so that bruises go down into the thighs.
The only sitting position allowed and only on the back of the thighs is the one necessary to go to the toilet.
The first bandage is removed after a few days. It is then replaced by a lighter bandage.
Most of the time, sutures are absorbable. Otherwise, they will be removed 15 days after the intervention.
It is advisable to consider a convalescence with interruption of activity for a period of ten to fifteen days.
It is advisable to wait one to two months to resume a sporting activity.

About Buttock implans

A period of two to three months is necessary to assess the final result. This is the time needed for the buttocks to regain their full flexibility and for the prostheses to stabilize.
The operation will have improved the volume and shape of the buttocks. Scars are usually very discreet. The gain in gluteal volume has an impact on the overall silhouette, allowing greater clothing freedom. Beyond these physical improvements, the recovery of an advantageous figure often has a very beneficial psychological effect.
Implant life span
Even if some patients can be seen to keep their implants for several decades without major modifications, the placement of gluteal prostheses should not be considered as something definitive. Thus, a patient with implants can expect to have to replace his or her prostheses one day in order to maintain the beneficial effect. Implants, whatever they may be, have an uncertain life expectancy that cannot be accurately estimated because it depends on wear phenomena of varying speed. The lifetime of the implants can therefore in no way be guaranteed.
Potential risks Scars, infection, embolism, perforation of an internal organ, seroma, nerve modification, swelling, necrosis, burns (with ultrasound), hydro-electrolytic imbalance, risks related to anesthesia.
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